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Gabions are box shape units made of double twisted hexagonal wire mesh and they are available in different sizes and dimensions.

The double twist of the wire prevents the spread of damage caused by accidental breakage of the wire, while the hexagonal form of the mesh enables better distribution of the load of the mesh.
Gabions are filled with rocks on site. The size of the stone shall not be smaller than the openings of the mesh, nor bigger than 2,5 times.


These kinds of units found their application in: retaining walls, river and channel regulations and bank protections, erosion control, slope stability, retaining of unstable slopes, sound barriers, architectural purposes etc.
The type dimensions and the diameter of the wire shall be determined depending on the required mechanical performance.


The wire that is used in the production of gabions can be:

  • Steel wire heavily zinc coated (Zn)
  • Steel wire heavily galvanized with Galmac (Zn,5% Al alloy)
  • Steel wire heavily galvanized with Galmac (Zn,5% Al alloy) and PVC coated

The wire, from which the gabions are made of, can be with different diameter.

The diameter of the selvedge wire is larger than the one of the mesh. This strengthens the structure more.

When choosing the type of the wire we should be guided by the projected lifespan of the object as well as of the level of the corrosive forces in the atmosphere and the environment. The combination of zinc and aluminum results with improved mechanical properties and microstructure of the wire. This wire is more resisting to corrosion and it lasts longer for two to three times than the wire coated only with zinc. The wire coated with PVC layer found its usage in a chemically aggressive environments (2<Ph<13).




Due to their strength, form and content, gabions create flexible, permeable, monolithic, versatile and environment friendly esthetic structures.

Gabion structures are capable of sustaining large overlaps and unexpected loads

Drainage capacity of the gabions is created through the gaps between the stones from which one gabion is filled. This way the water is collected and taken away from the structure which means that the main problem in instability of the ground and the expense of new drainage is eliminated.


Various structures
The gabions can be installed on any environment, without the need of additional equipment and personnel. Future modifications (new layers) are very simple and safe and these structures are easily sustainable.

Environmentally friendly esthetic structures
The ability to combine plants with the ability of sound absorption makes the balance between the need of man and environment. Gabions enable implementing interesting architectural solutions in residential and commercial areas.