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Steel fibers


The usage of steel fibers leads to brand new and improved mechanical properties of concrete.

The fibers are just one component in preparation of concrete along with water, sand, gravel, cement and additives.

The behavior of this way reinforced concrete in much will depend on type, geometry, quantity and quality of the fibers, as well as the quality of the other components in the concrete.

In some applications, such as floor slabs, traditional steel reinforcement can be replaced entirely by steel fibers.

Steel fibers have application in many fields, such are:

Floor slabs. Compared to the traditional reinforcement, the usage of steel fibers leads to:

  • replacement of traditional reinforcement
  • reducing of weak points in the slab, due to the equal distribution in the entire volume of the slab.
  • increasing of the hardness of attack
  • reducing of slab thickness
  • quicker, safer and cheaper to install
  • increasing panel sizes by eliminating saw-cuts.

Examples for such application of the steel fibers are: warehouses, industrial halls, airport slabs and runways, concrete roads, concrete repairs, foundations, commercial flooring, parking areas and garages.

Prefabricated concrete elements

  • greater durability of water pressure and load pressure which exceeds the standard for making with traditional reinforcement
  • reduced complex design of details, as it is in case with traditional reinforcement
  • reduced damage remolding
  • equal distribution in the whole volume of the concrete element
  • reduced damage during handling and transportation
  • reduced freeze-thaw / thermal resistance
  • reduced early-age cracking
  • shorter mold time
  • more thinner products with satisfactory strength and characteristics

Examples for such application of the steel fibers are: assembly objects, tanks, concrete pipes, threshold for lines, water collectors (for roads), roof elements etc.

Tunnels. As a reinforced element in shotcrete concrete or in the design of prefabricated concrete element.
Advantages when use shotcrete concrete.

  • improved strength
  • reduction in cracks when concrete is drying
  • no need of installers for the reinforced rebar mesh, which reduces the risk for security of a sudden collapse of the arch
  • reduced concrete thickness
  • reduced time for construction of the tunnel

Advantages in using prefabricated tunnel elements.

  • better esthetic quality
  • better mechanical strength due to industrialized production process
  • improved production due to partial or complete elimination of the traditional reinforcement
  • reduced damage during handling and transportation
  • reduced concrete thickness
  • adding the synthetic fibers significantly increases the resistance of damage/deformation during fire.

The adding of the steel fibers in the concrete can be done at the factory where the unit is produced or directly at site where they are added to the concrete mixer.