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Synthetic (polypropylene and cellulose) fibers for concrete reinforcement


The synthetic fibers are just one component in preparation of concrete along with water, sand, gravel, cement and additives.

They are not substitute for the traditional reinforcement or for the steel fibers.


Their function is used in the following two cases:

  • In the first two days in the aging of the concrete. They hold the water and slow down the drying and reduce/prevent the occurrence of initial cracks.
  • Increase of fire resistance of the concrete. In certain high temperature distributed fibers in the concrete start to melt and evaporate thus creating gaps/niches.

Relief of pressure created in the pores of the concrete comes through these niches, thus preventing destruction and explosion of the concrete in case of fire. Synthetic fibers are particularly suitable for the final lining of tunnels due to their capacity to increase the fire resistance