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Fiber dosing system


The use of steel fibers is quite simple

-The first step is to add the fibers in the concrete mix.
-The second step is to leave the fibers to be distributed homogeneously throughout the mix.
The typical mixing time of the fibers is one minute per cubic meter of concrete.
-The third step is adding additives to improve the workability of the concrete.

For smaller projects fibers are supplied in packages that are poured into the concrete mixer at the construction site.
In larger projects the time of adding fiber and their distribution in the concrete mix is critical.
For this purpose fiber dosing system are offered which can operate independently or be fully integrated into existing production process in the concrete base.

Pouring of concrete is made with traditional techniques and equipment. This concrete can be poured directly in the mixer or trough pumping.
Compared with normal reinforced concrete, the concrete which contains steel fibers shows minimal and negligible difference in its workability.
At the end, the conventional techniques are performed for final processing of the floor.