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Products for erosion control


Maccaferri has two main groups of products for erosion control::

  • Geomats
  • Biomats

Geomats are 3-dimensional structures made from mono-filament polyolefin material for the consolidation of natural topsoil for vegetation and erosion control applications.
Geomats depending on the presence and type of reinforcement can be divided into the following three groups:
-Geomats made of mono-filaments heat-bonded polypropylene fibers – MacMat
-Geomats made of mono-filaments heat-bonded polypropylene fibers reinforced by a double-twist steel mesh – MacMat R
-Geomats made of mono-filaments heat-bonded polypropylene fibers reinforced by a polymer reinforcement grid – Mac Mat R polymeric

MacMat R geomats are developed in order to fulfil the function of a material for erosion control and at the same time very strong and acceptable for the environment



This type of geomat has the following advantages:

  • Installation of the rolls is done by connecting their edges with wire or c-rings, thus avoiding the overlaps,
  • In standard situations, only unfolding of the roll from the top of the slope is needed and its stabilization with wooden or other type of anchors,
  • The double twisted steel wire mesh protect the geomat from damage, limiting the damages to size of a hole,
  • The steel reinforcement allows hardness to the geo composite and uniform contact with the surface, allowing better protection,
  • It can connect with other ticker products for protection (gabions, mattresses) providing better continuous protection and anchoring where erosion is critical or concentrated stresses occur,
  • Combined use of geo composite reduce the install cost by 50%,
  • Provides barrier for wild animals that dig into the geo composite and can cause damage along the river channel.

MacMat R1 is produced with one rough side and one smooth side. The material should be placed on the slope from its smooth side.
Before placing the material you need to prepare the surface of the slope, it’s leveling and leaving a 4-5 cm layer of soil.
Eventual seeding of the soil is should be done at this stage.
The geomat should be anchored with metal or wooden anchors depending on the application.

Biomac® blankets
are made with a mixture of fully biodegradable fibers properly integrated during manufacturing. The fibers are laid on a cellulose layer and reinforced with a fine polypropylene netting securely stitched on both sides.
Depending on the type of fibers used, Biomac blankets are divided into:

  • BIOMAC®-SS: consisting of straw fibers
  • BIOMAC®-CC: consisting of coir fibers
  • BIOMAC®-SC: consisting of a mixture of coir and straw fibers.

The product can be non-seeded or pre-seeded which will help for faster development of vegetation.

Main applications of Biomac®:

  • Erosion control and soil stabilization,
  • Road and railways embankments,
  • Downstream facings of earth dams,
  • Landfills.