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Case studies


Regulation of the riverbed of Meriz River in Studenicani

Construction of rural street s.Zhidilovo, Kriva Palanka

Protection of slope of rock fall mass for object market for the municipality of Kratovo

Rehabilitation of landslide near the village Dragozhani

Construction of the mechanical building, pipeline, coverage construction for  a small hydro power plant 322 on river Klepalska

Construction of access road to the dam "Rechani" river Orizarska, Kochani

Slope stabilization from the cut of Street 7 in Stabilization of the TIDZ Skopje 1

Stabilization of the slopes and protecting the landslides on the access road to the small hydro-plant in Tetovo

Construction of the highway Banja Luka – Doboj, section Prnjavor – Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

State road A3 rehabilitation, section Delcevo – Makedonska Kamenica

Rehabilitation of the regional road R2246 Izvor-Boskov bridge, section Garski bridge – Boskov bridge

Stabilization of the terrain at construction works of small hydro-power plant Bistrica 97, Tearce, Tetovo

Reconstruction of the road M1, section Katlanovo - Veles

Construction of the road Kolomot bridge - Blizansko

Rehabilitation of landslides Magarevo - Pelister

Rehabilitation of landslide on the road R2235, section Mavrovi Anovi - Mavrovo

Rehabilitation of river watercourse, Bregalnica river, Delcevo

Construction of highway Miladinovci-Stip

Construction of pipeline Thessaloniki-Skopje

Macedonia Corridor X railway project – track renewal works on the section Nogaevci-Negotino

Rehabilitation of river bed on Kriva River

Construction of water outlet chamber at village Pesochan, Municipality Debarca

Construction of regional road R2138 with R2134 access road to Sunny Town, Skopje.

Rehabilitation of landslide at Bukovo region

Rehabilitation of landslide on section Gradsko-Prilep, at Farish region

Rehabilitation of landslide Kratovo

Rehabilitation of landslides at village Taseva Cheshma and village Botun, municipality Debarca