Rockfall protection netting


The double twisted steel wire mesh is used as a drapery system to prevent falling of rocks and other debris on roads and railways.


The typical application is in rock masses in which the surface may break up into fragments with an approximate size of not less than that of a double-twist wire mesh and with an equivalent diameter of not more than 0.5m. For moderately steep slopes or where vegetation may take root, the barriers must be kept as close as possible to the slope face.
For steeply sloping or almost vertical slopes, the barrier, which is anchored at the top, is kept free along the slope, thereby letting the rock masses fall to the base of the slope but always keeping them between the rock slope and the barrier mesh. The construction of a safe and continuous anchor system on the top and base of the slope is important. It must be possible to remove accumulated detritus from the base of the slope.


The wire that is used in the production of the rockfall netting can be:
-Steel wire heavily zinc coated (Zn)
-Steel wire heavily galvanized with Galmac (Zn,5% Al alloy)
-Steel wire heavily galvanized with Galmac (Zn,5% Al alloy) and PVC coated
The wire which the rockfall netting is made of, can be with different diameter.
The diameter of the selvedge wire is larger than the one of the mesh.



Double twisted mesh is the ideal solution due both to its flexibility in every direction and the fact that gaps in the mesh are avoided in the event of accidental breakage of some wires this was an old and irresolvable problem for single twisted meshes.