Flex Mac DT


Flex Mac is a solution for flood and emergency works.


FlexMac® DT is used to rapidly construct large barriers to protect assets from rising flood water. Filled onsite using locally available materials, FlexMac® DT is up to 40 times faster to construct than sandbags. The main applications of

FlexMac® DT are as follows:

• Floods
• Emergency river works
• Landslide and erosion control or emergency works
• Bank restoration
• Emergency dam problems
• Coastal erosion
• Protection of plants and storage facilities
• Ground failure control




FLEXMAC® DT is a multicellular structure made of hexagonal
double twisted wire mesh. The geotextile is a nonwoven polymer with a minimum weight of 250 g/m2. The mesh is reinforced with vertical steel rods with diameter of 4.9 mm. They can be found in different dimensions.